A life-changing gift!

Thank you to our supporters for donating to the 100 club funds. Your kind support means 100 people in Rwanda now have medical insurance.

As we, here in the UK, celebrate 75 years of our NHS, spare a thought for the people of Rwanda where medical care is not free, but has to be paid for.

No money? No treatment.

I have seen firsthand the suffering this lack of medical care inflicts on families in Rwanda.

But, thanks to your kind support, donegan.life has now been able to buy medical insurance for 100 people. They eagerly gathered together at the event where they were each presented with their personal medical insurance card.

This means, that despite living in extreme poverty, if they fall sick or have an accident, they can now visit the doctor or hospital and get free treatment - something that we take for granted in the UK.

The scheme we use in Rwanda costs around £5 per person per year - a small amount that transforms a life and saves some from an early and painful death. It’s that critical!

If you would like to be part of this life-transforming work, society you can join our 100 club today for a donation of any amount. Better still, donate a small amount each month so the 100 club funds can respond to people in need more quickly.

Thank you 100 club!