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Don Egan

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For 37 years, Don Egan has helped tens of thousands of people discover life transforming faith, healing, wellbeing, and inner peace.
As this new season begins, his aim is the same - to see lives transformed and people set free.

'Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.'
St Paul.

medical insurance Rwanda

Thank you to our supporters for donating to the 100 club funds. Your kind support means an additional 100 people in Rwanda now have medical insurance.

As we, here in the UK, celebrate 75 years of our NHS, spare a thought for the people of Rwanda where medical care is not free, but has to be paid for.

No money? No treatment.

LIFE thoughts

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Concerned about your alcohol use?

We have some resources to help, if you are in any way concerned about your alcohol use. There's no judgement here, it's all about people finding a way to their personal healing and recovery.


View a selection of Don's books covering a wide range of subjects including faith, bereavement, addictions, and writing your own book.

new book!

The god with dirty feet

A story of faith and discovery. A book by Don Egan. OUT NOW!

Don Egan grew up down a dirt track in Manchester. He played in the coal shed when it rained, and he had a tortoise that frequently escaped.

When he was older, the minibus he was driving was sexually assaulted by a camel.

Difficult to explain on the insurance form.

Reflecting on his childhood encounters, he wonders if God ever wandered down a certain Manchester dirt track.

The answer is both challenging and surprising.

It could just change your life.

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