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how to quit alcohol

Introducing How to quit alcohol - using this Tried and Tested Program by Don Egan - the definitive guide that empowers you to overcome alcohol addiction using an effective and proven approach. If you're tired of battling with alcohol and searching for a reliable solution, then this resource is your key to liberation.

No willpower required!

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The chronicles of Godfrey


“I couldn't put it down!”

An allegory. Discover the secret origins of Manchester and the whole world. It all started on a hill near Oldham when a magic hermit named Godfrey decided to invent humans.

“This book is superb. Very creative and a fantastic read. You will not be disappointed. One of the best books I've read in a while.”

Jaded heart

Jaded Heart is the story of love, loss, grief, addiction and recovery.

After the sudden death of his parents and his son, thirty years ago, Don Egan spent decades looking for personal peace.

After three decades he has finally come to a place of greater peace and shares the journey in this very honest account.

Jaded Heart will help those struggling with loss and grief and addictions.

"This is an amazing book written with honesty and integrity. I have just recommended this book to all my friends. This book spoke deeply into my life and I am thankful that Don had the courage to write it. His honesty is as refreshing as it is challenging." - Rev Kerry Dixon - Dundee

the god with dirty feet

Don Egan grew up down a dirt track in Manchester. He played in the coal shed when it rained, and he had a tortoise that frequently escaped.

When he was older, the minibus he was driving was sexually assaulted by a camel. Difficult to explain on the insurance form.

By a strange turn of events, he found himself speaking to large crowds in Africa.

Reflecting on his childhood encounters, he wonders if God ever wandered down a certain Manchester dirt track.

The answer is both challenging and surprising. It could just change your life.

how to write your book

Unlock Your Inner Author and Bring Your Story to Life with this e-book

Are you an aspiring writer longing to see your ideas come to life on the pages of a book? Do you dream of becoming a published author but struggle to know where to start? Look no further! How to Write Your Book by Don Egan is your guide to transforming your creative vision into a captivating masterpiece.

pathways through grief

'Everyone’s grief journey is different – there is no road map.’
Pathways through Grief is Don Egan's thoughtful book on finding a way through grief when we have lost someone or something close to us.
'This is a great little book which challenges some of the usual thoughts on stages of grief.'

A word about your healing

Find out what the Bible says about sickness and healing and how to apply it to your own situation.
Excellent Product!'

Searching for home

Don Egan goes on a search for his childhood home. Through a series of childhood memories, Don reflects on life, community, God, tragedy, abandonment and girls.

'I have been transported back 50 or more years to the happy times of my childhood.'