Are you serious?

In these difficult times in which we live, many are struggling, financially, mentally and emotionally. The troubles in other parts of the world look horrendous and intractable.

It can all take the shine off trying to ‘celebrate’ Christmas, or even just going through the motions.

Strangely, things were similarly dark and overwhelming at the time of Christ’s birth. Israel, rather than being at war, had been completely conquered and occupied by the Roman Empire. There was poverty, homelessness and oppression back then too.

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Both now and then, people prayed for God’s deliverance, prayed for light in the darkness - some sliver of hope to cling on to.

God’s answer? A new born infant…

And we may well ask…’Are you serious,God?

We have real problems here and your answer is to give us another mouth to feed? A helpless child? What good is he?

And yet that was and is God’s answer to our prayers. The answer always starts with Christ.

As it turned out, this child turned the world upside down. He brought hope and peace to the downtrodden, sight to the blind and release to the captives.

Whatever is happening in your life right now, I highly recommend you take some time in these closing days of the year, to reset your thinking, to embrace the Christ-child as your new starting point, and see what happens as he grows evermore more influential in your life.

May you be blessed with hope, peace and light this Christmastime.