Which dragons do you need to slay!

Today is St Georges Day. Saint George died on 23 April 303 and is venerated as a Christian martyr.

Eastern Orthodox depictions of Saint George slaying a dragon often include the image of the young maiden who looks on from a distance.

The standard interpretation of the image icon is that the dragon represents both Satan and the Roman Empire.

I like the legend of St George because we all face a few dragons on our life’s journey. Just as every Hollywood movie involves a hero who has to overcome a ferocious enemy, so in life the dragons come for each of us.

I love the Lord of the Rings episode, where little Bilbo Baggins enters the dragon’s cave and discovers its weak spot.

For me, the dragon has mostly come in the form of people pouring cold water on my ideas, the people who say it can’t be done.

People said I couldn’t write a book - so I wrote 25 books.

People said I couldn’t start an international ministry, so I did, and worked in 10 different nations, for over 25 years.

People said I couldn’t build a school in Africa, so, with the help of many supporters, I did.

People said I couldn’t build a home for orphans - so, again, with the help of many supporters, I did.

As I lay down that work, after 25 years, people keep telling me I’ve retired. I haven’t! I carry on doing the work I’m called to do. I am currently writing 2 more books and creating a program to help people get free from addictions. And that’s just for starters.

Hopefully, once again a few faithful souls will support my work.

I don’t know if anyone is telling you that you can’t do something today, but if they are, then rise up and do it anyway.

Because the people saying it can’t be done, are getting in the way of those of us who are doing it.!

No doubt there will be more dragons on the journey ahead, but once you slay a couple, you gain confidence and are less intimidated by the fire breathing.

Which dragons do you need to slay to get to your next level?