help with addiction to alcohol

Many people struggle with alcohol. We may imagine someone who needs to start the day with alcohol. But most people wrestling with their alcohol use, in some shape or form, do not fit that image. 

People struggling with alcohol are more likely to be the sort of people you meet every day, who have a home and a job or a business. They are more likely to have previously been casual drinkers who have, more recently, noticed that they are consuming alcohol everyday, usually in the evening. They may be secretly concerned about their consumption of alcohol but don't know where to turn. 

On this page you will find some resources that could help you reduce your alcohol consumption or quit all together. There is no judgement here, we are all about people finding a better path in life and finding healing for past wounds or emotional trauma.

How to quit alcohol program

Introducing How to quit alcohol - using this Tried and Tested Program by Don Egan - the definitive guide that empowers you to overcome alcohol using an effective and proven approach. If you're tired of battling with alcohol and searching for a reliable solution, then this resource is your key to liberation.

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useful links

The following links may be useful for alcohol addiction or healing from the underlying causes of addiction.

NHS Alcohol support
A good place to start is with a GP. Try to be accurate and honest about how much you drink and any problems it may be causing you.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Millions of men and women have heard, or read about the unique Fellowship called Alcoholics Anonymous since its founding in 1935.

Inspire Counselling Ipswich

Inspire is a registered charity based in Ipswich, providing a professional counselling and training service. Our services have helped hundreds of people across the local area and are open to everyone.